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07 March 2019KCDC Needs You - Community Meeting

Kyleakin Community Development Company

Thursday, 7th March 2019 - 7.00pm in the Village Hall

From their Facebook page!

If you are interested in the future development of the village please show your support by joining this group to help improve Kyleakin.

KCDC is in the early stages of being formed with absolutely fantastic opportunities to develop and improve Kyleakin in loads of exciting ways!

The benefit of a Community Company is to access funding for projects to better the Community under the 'Company' umbrella.

We asked the community what you wanted from a community company and we got ideas like; skate and/or upgrade play parks, to upgrading woodland walks and hill paths, create some amazing public spaces and even build some necessary ones, like a modern facility with toilets, laundry and showers for the public to use. You asked for powered sites for campers in the car park and a waste site. More facilities for dog poo bags and bins (and monitors). And what about if we could get funding for a full-time gardener for Kyleakin public spaces to keep our village in tip top shape all year round? Lets also talk about our individual community groups..... One of the drivers for community groups is fundraising for special projects - KCDC is a group that can help achieve our community in loads of different ways including funding for special projects!


We are falling short on people that can help with the running of this group. We have loads of interested people in the community but the group can't succeed on a handful of people. We know everyone is busy and it's a big ask but we believe this group can change and develop Kyleakin into a league of it's own.

It's your village and your future, so come along and help support the group.


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