There are many varieties of marine life around the shores of Skye & Lochalsh, from Otters to Sea Birds and that glorious mixture of subsea life - fish, anemones, seaweeds and molluscs.

People keep asking me if there are any decent guides on where to pick Winkles around this area - well, after alot of painstaking research (mostly into the flavours of Isle of Skye Malts) I am pleased to inform you, dear reader, that there is one:

"Winkle Picking on the Isle of Skye" by Denise R. Sorr

On a more serious note - some wilk pickers have mentioned that there are depleting stocks: this could be attributed to a variety of factors - over-picking by locals and others out for a quick buck, fish farm pollution or low frequency (ELF) sonar transmissions affecting the subsea life as a result of equipment testing by Royal Navy/MOD/QinetiQ.  The latter is normally associated with mass strandings of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

KEG received very useful documentation and reports from the MOD regarding the use of ELF/ULF used in response to queries as to whether there were any connections to strandings of cetaceans and no direct correlations to such can be found. 

On a lighter note, visitors to our shores have asked as to what the strange luminescent purple ringed Jellyfish are that are regularly washed up on the shores around the Village are.

These are Moon Jellyfish (Aurelia aurita), which can grow up to 40cm in diameter and can give a mild sting.  So if you've got kids on the shore - don't pick them up (the jellyfish, not the kids). 

We also have other Jellyfish that inhabit the waters off the west coast that can deliver a powerful sting.  The best treatment for any Jellyfish stings is Calamine Cream, however if someone gets badly stung seek hospital treatment.  Telephone 999 and ask for Ambulance.


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