The Footpath Network to Castle Maol has been upgraded over the past eight years as far as The Boathouse, noticeably in the last section before the shore where a very muddy area was filled in, drainage ditches were dug and a new path laid.

At high tide, the route to the Castle can be perilous, particularly as some visitors try to follow the 'cliff route' which goes up above the boulders on the foreshore and scale the cliffs round.

Nergotiations are in-hand with The Highland Council who own the Castle with a view to improving the footpaths on the other side.

When ascending to the Castle please go round the Bench and turn right, following the natural rock cleft.

Castle Maol Footpath
Castle Maol Footpath
Remember the quagmire before the Boathouse?
Castle Maol Footpath
Castle Maol Footpath
The new path floated on a bed of heather, topped with rock and shingle
Castle Maol Footpath
Castle Maol Footpath
Two years on and the new path has knitted into the surrounding vegetation
High Tide Route to Castle Maol
High Tide Route to Castle Maol
Suggested route outlined in red


This route is best started from the Village Noticeboard in the Car Park.  The Castle is best visited on an ebb tide (when the tide is going out) especially if you are planning a picnic there!

Head south to the road bridge over An t'Obbe and follow the road round and up the hill, down to the Turning Point by the Fishery Pier.  Here you will see a wee ceramic plaque set into the ground with a well defined footpath leading off eastwards.  Follow this path.

After about 120 metres you will arrive at the Boathouse.  Note the block set into the path here and take heed "Beware of Tides".  At low tide simply follow the path across the shingle beach to the far side, at high tide the best route is to turn right before the Boathouse and then head south-east (there is a faint track) keeping the wee knoll to your left.  Drop down to and cross the burn here, it may be boggy, then onto the heathery knoll ahead, finally dropping down onto the well defined footpath up to the Castle.  See the Map above.


Having reached the eastern shore of Castle Bay, follow the footpath up to the Viewpoint Bench.  From here go straight up the cleft in the rocks, to the left of the Bench, taking care if the grass is wet - and you are at Castle Maol!  There, that wasn't too bad! 

The eroded footpath route up to the Castle should be avoided as it can be very slippy.

Please take your Litter away with you.

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