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It is proposed to construct a Cycle Path connecting the villages of Kyleakin and Broadford as an off-road route and constructing new sections to keep the entire route on one side of the road.

At present cyclists and walkers have to use the very busy and quite dangerous A87.

The two routes that have been considered are either to utilise the Old Road or to take the route by Kyleakin Forest.

Due to the extensive Works being carried out in Kyleakin Quarry by Marine Harvest to construct their £10million Fish Feed Plant, the Old Road to the north of the A87 has been compromised (April 2017), thus the easiest route would be from Kyleakin Roundabout to the Old Road on the south side of the A87, thence to Kyleakin Forest and follow the new track put in by FCS heading westwards. 

This terminates a few hundred yards before the Kylerhea road, but technically it would be quite simple to continue this through to the road.

This would then allow cyclists the choice of either Kylerhea (and the Glenelg Ferry) or continue to Broadford via the existing Cycle Path at Upper Breakish.

We have outline permission from the Estate of Sir Iain Noble (Fearann Eilean Iarmain) to put the Route in across their land and we have received positive feedback at a Site Meeting with FCS.

KEG will be arranging new Site Meetings to discuss these proposals with the relevant Landowners & Managers in 2018.

Watch This Space!

Motorists please note - the 'optimum' overtaking distance between vehicles and cyclists on public roads (by Law) is 1.5m (4ft 9ins).



FLY-TIPPING is against the Law.  If you see anyone Fly-Tipping please report it to the local Police by telephone on Tel. 101


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