Kyleakin Forest - Mountain Biking Routes

We are looking at establishing a number of Mountain Biking trails through Kyleakin Forest once all timber felling operations have concluded.  This Project is in hand, though currently only on paper due to Movement Restrictions as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

Kyleakin Foreshore - Gabion Sea Wall

This Project is in hand.  We are currently waiting for Surveyors (and lack of storms)  to complete their Works, prior to KEG applying for the necessary Funding.

An t'Obbe - Marine Conservation Area Status

Surveys are in hand to evaluate the flora and fauna of the area.  Many thanks to Alan & Elaine Horner who provided a very thorough Survey over 2010!

Drams In The Field

Sadly for 2014 (and onwards) this popular wee Festival will no longer be running due to financial reasons, however there are other smaller and equally exciting music events held in Glenelg instead.

Foreshore Clean-Ups

KEG organise about four main Foreshore Clean-Ups in the Skye & Lochalsh areas annually, in conjunction with Keep Scotland Tidy, Marine Conservation Society and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue.

Marine Litter is not only unsightly on our Foreshores but can also pose a hazard to marine life such as cetaceans and humans/pets.  The main Marine Litter we find is Twine & Rope, Plastic Ties, old Creels, plastic sheeting and bags, fast food containers (Styrofoam), Cans, Plastic containers, paint pots, old fishing nets, etc etc.

KEG have Litter Pickers and Tabards and we arrange for a Skip (for the resulting collected debris), Bin Bags and Gloves from The Highland Council.

Litter Picking can be Fun, is excellent Exercise and we usually round off the day with a Beach BBQ as a way of saying Thanks to the Volunteers who come along to help!


This was the Neolithic Dig Site at Armadale, where the new Housing Scheme now stands.  The Stones from the Dig Site have been removed to the Clan Donald Centre and the 'remains' have been sent to Edinburgh.

Neolithic Archaeological Site
Neolithic Archaeological Site
Henge & Burial Cists
Neolithic Archaeological Site
Neolithic Archaeological Site
Henge stones - note that the one in the foreground has been broken by raiders!
Neolithic Archaeological Site
Neolithic Archaeological Site
Burial Cist
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