No website about the Isle of Skye & Lochalsh would be complete without reference to these pesky wee blighters!

However, they are not an all year-round nuisance as they only usually appear from May to October and are dormant at other times of the year (probably sharpening up their teeth).

There are a range of liquid deterrents, Avon Skin So Soft is very effective, as is Deet.  Midge Head Nets also work well - and yes, it is possible to drink a pint of beer through one!  Most General Stores and Outdoor Suppliers stock a range of Midge Repellents.

Midges like temperate climates, especially boggy areas and hunt in packs.  If you do have the misfortune to be badly bitten, Calamine Lotion is a very effective treatment externally.  And whisky, internally.

See the Scottish Midge Forecast on our LINKS page!


These wee insects are also a problem but more so to your pets.  That is not to say that humans are immune, indeed your average Sheep Tick likes nothing better than crawling up your socks and finding somewhere warm to feed.

Kids (and some Veterinary Surgeons)  should be dissuaded from rolling in the bracken, tempting as it is, in sheep and deer areas.


Forestry Commission Scotland gave the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO) permission to capture, ring and tag a local cuckoo from Kinloch Forest with a GPS Tracking device.

Cuckoos are yet another bird that is in decline and this Project was aimed at finding out more about their life and migration. 

The bird was named "Waller" after those who helped fund the Project.

Unfortunately all contact was lost quite recently.

The BTO website is: www.bto.org

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