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New Year 2019

A very Happy New Year to all our readers of this website.

Take Care and Stay safe


Tuesday, 1st January 2019

For the statistically curious these are the Litter totals for 2018:

KYLEAKIN VILLAGE (1st January - 31st December)

Total Litter collected = 222 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 466 bags

Total Cigarette Ends collected (from 11th June - 31st December) = 15,819

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 274 hours 30 minutes


Total Litter Collected = 18 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 0 bags

Total Cigarette Ends collected (from 11th June - 31st December) = 1,892

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 6 hours

Other Areas include  Kyle Co-op Car Park and the Skye Bridge.

DEAR DIARY continues after the photos below...


Tuesday, 1st January 2019

The Village was like a Ghost Town today with more visitors being seen than local Residents.  Still, Litter, Poos and Fag Ends were duly picked up in really quite pleasant weather.

Saturday, 5th January 2019

Sadly we have to report the passing of one of our Villages' most well known and loved cats - Abelard (aka Hemmy).

Aged 15yrs and 4 months, Abelard suffered a severe thrombosis which affected movement and his owner (Flora Strachan) took the difficult choice to let him go.

He will be sadly missed, not only because we discovered he has a Facebook page!

He is currently 'lying in state' in the Studio at Flora's house and will be interred in the back garden on Monday.

Photograph of Abs / Abelard etc on the SALLY page and above.

We are indebted to Craig & Amber from Corran Cottage for informing Flora of her cats' distress and alerting the local Vet.

Thursday, 9th January 2019

Yesterday was quite a busy day which started off with the surprising sight of a Hercules C130 Transport aircraft flying from the Plockton direction and heading down towards Loch Duich.  It is amazing how graceful and quiet these huge aircraft are.

The roadworkers were out in force and stripping the tarmac off Kyle House Brae prior to resurfacing today.  The road has been in a terrible state for some years.

During Litter Picking a yellow Marie Curie charity box was recovered from the foliage at the front of the Mackinnon House Hotel on Kyle House Brae (by the Bus Stop) and taken down to Billy to see if was the one that had been stolen last year.  Sadly and not unsurprisingly the box was empty.

In the evening, with a huge flash and bang, the power in part of the Village went off but the Hyro Board were soon on scene and power was restored before midnight.

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