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New Year 2018

A very Happy New Year to all our readers of this website.

Take Care and Stay safe


Monday, 1st January 2018

For the statistically curious these are the Litter totals for 2017:

KYLEAKIN VILLAGE (1st January - 31st December)

Total Litter collected = 301 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 276 bags

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 306 hours 20 minutes


Total Litter Collected = 23 bags

Total Dog Poos collected = 7 bags

Total KEG Volunteer Hours = 18 hours

Other Areas include Uig Woods, Kyle Co-op Car Park and the Skye Bridge.

DEAR DIARY continues after the photos below...


WednThursday, 18th January 2018

MGL Quarries should be congratulated on the excellent work carried out to repair the ornamental stone pillars at the entrance to the Village.  Both were damaged by ice and the southern one nearly flattened after an apparent car thief, whilst fleeing from the Police, misjudged the roundabout and hurled into it.

The resulting chaos brought down road signs and power lines.

Thursday, 15th February 2018

Following the very loud thunder and lightening storm last night and the high winds, it was noted this morning that about twelve feet of the northern wall on Castle Maol had collapsed.

Whilst this has been reported to TEC Services at The Highland Council and until such time as Engineers have had a chance to assess the structural integrity of the ruins, The Council have advised that Visitors to the Castle stay away (in case of further collapse).

The damage can be safely viewed from the former CalMac Slipway area (not through the gates) by the Pontoons in the Harbour.

Litter Picking recommenced this morning (in a blizzard!) and a shinty stick was recovered.

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